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    Lisa-2011What is it we all loved about old fashioned diners?
     The delicious home style cooking… the 24 hour open
    sign…the casual atmosphere?

    The American lifestyle involves eating out. When we are challenged by the need for a special diet, especially a diabetic one, we learn that restaurants just don’t cater to us.  Special diets mean we have to throw part of our meal away because it is unhealthy.

    Special orders are too much trouble, and how do we know what hidden carbs lurk? And regular high carb choices can be so tempting.

Southwest Chicken Brunch bake low carbsm
omelet stuffed pepperssm Tac-ole cup grandesm

    So dieters and diabetics find it better to eat at home. We try to make our own version of the classic diner.  But coming up with 21 meals a week, all of which require carb and calorie evaluation can be quite a daunting task. Then, we still have to find the time to grocery shop and cook from scratch.  One forgotten item at the supermarket or an hour or two of overtime can send us running for fast food. But that doesn’t have to happen.

     The 24/7 Low Carb Diner is ready to help.

    This is more than a cookbook and better than a meal planner. It is a detailed, yet flexible system to always have delicious low carb meals available at home. ..24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Unlike other plans, we don’t spend grueling days preparing dozens of meals.

browned butter banana doughnuts sm
Chicken Pizzoli sm sunflower chocolate muffin low carb sm
Thanksgiving Everyday Casserole 2sm

    In just 7 steps a week, we get shortcuts for up to 24 upcoming meals. Menu planning is simple. Grocery shopping is fast. The recipes are easy.

    The 24 / 7 Low Carb Diner Plan is available as an e-book you can order and download today. The Classic Version, Great For Families,

  • A step by step plan to create a customizable cooking plan for any level of carbohydrate restriction
  • A convenient PDF format of over 160 family tested recipes
  • Printable pages for menu planning and grocery lists
  • Calorie and carb counts
  • Freezing tips and inventory forms
  • Single page recipes that make it easy to carry into kitchen
    No Bulky Books
  • Side dish ideas with carb counts for easy planning
  • Customizable e-book that lets you store recipes on the computer and print only the ones you want
  • For Smaller Families check out A Table For Two.

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