What A Crock Meals!!

Low carb meals are naturals in a crock pot. Slow cooking tenderizes tough cuts of meat and makes wonderful sauces.  Load the cooker with your ingredients in the morning and have a delicious entrée waiting that evening. Tender meats and filling stews will please the family. I schedule Crock pot meals on days I know we will be out of the house. It doesn’t  need a sitter, and I  enjoy my day more knowing dinner will be waiting.

Recipe titles include:

    • Swiss Beefkey
    • 24 Hour  Chili
    • Cantonese Dinner
    • Crockpot  Sunrise Breakfast
    • Pork Roast  with Sauerkraut
    • Pepper’s Beef
    • Bavarian Cabbage Bake
    • Italian Cream Chicken Sample Recipe
    • Pizza Chicken
    • BBQ Country Ribs
    • Sodie-Pop  Chicken
    • Pork Chops Alfredo
    • Deli Chicken Yankee Pot
    • Roast  Dijon
    • Creamy Chicken Soup
    • Thai Chicken

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