Freezer Favorites

    Freezer Favorites are building blocks for complete meals. Often, these recipes are precooked meat, ready for fresh ingredients to be added to make a great meal. You’ll save all that cooking time every time you use them.

         Other recipes are the “Dump” meals which are so easy to prepare. These feature fresh chicken, pork chops, or other meats marinated or prepped in a sauce.

Recipe titles include:

  • Dumps:
    • Razzy Berry Pink Chicken
    • Drunken Chicken
    • Dijon Time Chicken
    • Steakhouse Special
    • Tequila Lime Grill
    • Moroccan Chicken
    • Good  to Grill Steaks
    • Socrates Steak Sample Recipe
    • Harvest  Pork Chops
    • Mediterranean Chicken
    • Teriyaki Steak or  Chicken
  • Minute Beef
    • Kickin Cajun Casserole
    • Stroganoff
    • Stuffed  Peppers
    • Lazy Day Soup
    • Cheeseburger  Salad
    • Lisa’s Sweet  Sauce
    • Chili in a Flash
    • 2 E. Z. Enchilada Skillet
    • Taco Pizza
    • Sonic  Sloppy Joes
  • Minute Sausage
    • Sausage Pizza Soup
    • Creamy Italian Soup
    • Florentine Scramble
    • Down Home Gravy
  • Chicken Squares
    • Pooh Bear  Salad
    • Curry Chicken
    • Tuscan Chicken
    • Chile Cheesey Chicky
    • Holiday Chicken
    • Chicken in Pepper  Sauce
  • Chipotle Chicken Shreds
  • Slow Texas Beef
  • Mega Meatballs

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