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  I have a good reason to be organized in the kitchen. I have four  hungry men to feed. As a stay at home mom, I’ve never had time or money to make gourmet meals. I’ve  always  tried to balance the costs and nutrition of our meals, yet still make recipes my boys liked. It is certainly no bargain if they wrinkle up their noses when you bring a dish to the table. I’m pretty sure uneaten meals aren’t healthy either… unless what is given to the dog under the table counts as nutrition.

   Menu planning is not hard. Anyone can do it. The hard part is getting life to fit the menu. Often we make a list, buy  groceries, but still find ourselves  resorting to take out food when “life” intervenes.  For a while, I was successful with freezer cooking in large quantities. We would knock ourselves out three or four weekends a year preparing 60 freezer meals.  Those days were SO grueling that I knew there must be a better way.

I decided Benjamin Franklin was right. Failing to plan was planning to fail.  I searched for ways to make sticking to a menu plan easier. I didn’t want pay for someone else’s menu plan, and prepared foods were too expensive. I finally devised a system that used the best of several popular meal management plans.  I created “Mom’s Diner.”  This blend of systems was flexible, built around our favorite foods, and freed up so much time.

   Life became more organized and meal times were easier. Then, my culinary world got rocked.  My dear husband John, was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.  My middle son had definite signs of  Insulin Resistance as well.  As I began to research our problems, I knew we had to make some dietary changes. John’s doctor suggested a low carb eating plan. Eating away from home was no longer simple. The low carb diet fad had passed. I found a few good books, some excellent online resources and began to revamp the Mom’s Diner plan into one which would assure my family of quality low carb food choices 24/7. After all, a family kitchen is always open, even for dieters.  Seven steps a week will open the Diner at your house too! It is all in the plan.


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