Table For Two

    Now the Diner System works for couples and singles too!

    The original 24/7 Low Carb Diner system is just what families need to organize meals, but it can be more than a smaller family needs. Lisa  has re-organized the meal planning system to meet the needs and  schedules of couples and singles. The recipes are smaller, and the  process is streamlined. The plan will be in place to make mealtime  simple and efficient. The new Table for Two e-book is perfect for health minded young professionals
    or empty nesters. The time saving secrets  are all in there, with many favorite recipes to get you going.

    You get 99 pages of instructions, planning sheets and tips. In addition, you get more than 100 recipes with many color photos. Like the  original, this book is completely customizable. Print out the recipes  you want, copy as many charts as you need. You will love the handy meal  planner template and the money saving freezer inventory. With just a  little time devoted to prepping for the week, Table for Two will help you have complete entrees and short cuts to many other meals  at your fingertips during the busy week. It is the system that will keep you on goal. But no plan will work if the food isn't good. This book is filled with time proven favorites you will look forward to every  day--breakfast, lunch and dinner!

Only $10.00

bacon cheesecake cups low carb sm

Chicken Pizzoli sm

omelet stuffed pepperssm

sammie low carbsm

Chicken and Broccoli Casserole 2 sm

Southwest Chicken Brunch bake low carbsm

Southwest Chicken Brunch bake low carbsm

cinnamon roll muffins low carb sm

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