Triple Play Meals

    Triple Play meals help stretch your food dollar. The idea here is planned leftovers. Spend some time making a large batch of meat or chicken. Eat the entrée plain on day one,
    with side dishes. Then, plan two more meals which use the meat in new ways.

Recipe titles include:

  • Chinese Chicken
    • Asian Chicken Salad
    • Chinese Chicken Soup
    • Singapore Casserole
    • Exotic  Chicken Wraps
  • Overnight Beef Brisket
    • Brisket  Salad
    • French Brisket  Soup
    • Orange Beef and  Broccoli Stir-fry
    • Smokey Beef Spread
    • Vegetable Beef Soup
  • Tequila Chicken
    • Tex Mex Salad
    • Taco Soup
    • Tequila Lime Quiche
    • White Texican Pizza
  • Ultra Chicken
    • Ultra Chicken Salad
    • Beery Cheesy Soup
    • Ultra Chicken Casserole
    • Chicken Cacciatore
    • Barbecue Chicken Wraps
  • Ham it Up
    • Ham slices with Vegetables Au gratin
    • Monte Cristo Crepes
    • Slices with Spices
    • Waikiki Stirfry
    • Ham-it-up  Quiche
  • Marathon Pork Roast
    • Sour  cream gravy.
    • Carnitas
    • Pulled  Pork
    • Szechwan Pork
  • Italian Chicken
    • Italian Chicken Soup
    • Michelangelo's Salad
    • Tuscany Pizza
    • Italian Skillet
  • Southwest Shredded Beef
  • Turkey Red  Sauce
    • Awesome Italian Sausage Bake
    • Pizzeria Soup
    • Griddle Pizzas
    • Eggplant Parmesan

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